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Marine Equipment
Marine Equipment comprises a diverse range of tools vital for marine activities. From small boats to large ships, marine equipment ensures safe navigation and efficient operation in marine environments with our heavy-duty equipments.
Diesel Generator Sets
Diesel Generator Sets are dependable power solutions comprising diesel engines and electric generators. They efficiently convert diesel fuel into electricity, serving as reliable backup power sources or primary energy providers in remote areas, supporting entire structures or facilities with consistent power supply.
CNG Gas Generator
CNG Gas Generator sets are innovative power systems engineered to harness the energy potential of compressed natural gas (CNG) for electricity generation. Consisting of an engine and generator unit, these sets offer efficient and eco-friendly power solutions, emitting lower levels of pollutants compared to traditional diesel or gasoline generators. 
NEW Diesel Generator Sets are reliable power solutions suitable for various applications. They offer robust performance and high efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply during emergencies or in remote locations.
NEW Gas Generator Sets provide clean and efficient power generation options. These sets are environmentally friendly, delivering consistent performance for residential, commercial, and industrial needs.
Hydraulic Equipment includes a wide range of machinery for diverse applications. From hydraulic pumps to cylinders and valves, these systems offer powerful and precise control for construction, manufacturing, and automotive industries.
Turbo Chargers enhance engine efficiency and performance by increasing air intake pressure. These high-quality components are ideal for diesel and gasoline engines, delivering improved power output and fuel economy for vehicles and industrial equipment.
Oil Purifiers - Oil Filters are essential for maintaining machinery and equipment longevity. They effectively remove contaminants, ensuring clean and well-lubricated oil circulation for optimal performance and reduced maintenance costs.